The purpose of The Glenstal Society and of this site is to promote communication, friendship, sharing, and hope between all who have known and valued the Glenstal experience.

Although most of us maintain contact with some of our Glenstal friends, the vagaries of personal history and geography do inevitably dispatch us in many different directions.

Our aim is to facilitate and renew old friendships but also to add a new dimension to individual or year-group experiences of Glenstal by putting different generations in contact with each other.

There are nearly 2,000 of us out there who have so much in common and so much that is worth sharing!

We are committed to making this site more and more interactive so that it will truly belong to the members of the Society.

gregory-asheYour ongoing support will be required to maintain all of these efforts to keep all members informed and connected.

Gregory P Ashe – President