Class of 76 – 40th Reunion

A candid verbatim report follows:

We had our 40 th re-union in the Hop House, Nassau St. Dublin 2.
About 30 attended , which was more than we could wish for. Being a pub, no one got shit-faced, which was rather a disappointment.
Despite no dress code, we were easily recognisable as different from others in the pub.
I thought that interesting.
More than half of us were unrecognisable to each other, physically.
At least 30+ were in various states of decay. 4 or 5 were in excellent nick, despite a few tonsorials.
Sadly, the chat started in earnest when the bar put music to the max. there were no rows!
How boring.
I don’t know about the others for sure, but I felt comfortable among them all.
John Corbett, was asked to leave following our 2nd year was there.
He had been school captain in St Gerards the year before.
A lot of Gerardians went into that class. I was one (a prefect).
I think a lot of  us had peaked too soon by the time of our arrival at Glenstal Abbey.
We presented John Corbett with the old-boy tie.
His instructions were to wear it should he ever be in court!!!