Padraig Hughes (2000 -2006)

Spring 02 Padraig’s life is characterised by a wonderful “joie de vivre”, a resolution to enjoy life and not to hold anything back, to laugh where others fretted. Padraig succeeded in living a life both carefully balanced, and enviably excessive. This twinned with his personable and witty nature nurtured a wide circle of friends, who valued him for his many gifts, prominent among which was his level headed advice. For his outgoing nature belied a resounding spiritual fortitude from which Padraig drew the courage and strength that sustained not only him but also those close to him through the difficult times which followed the death of his mother Kim in 2004. Padraig will be fondly remembered; the corners of his mouth turning gently upwards into a wry smile and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. (Darragh)