A full bottle in front of me or a full frontal lobotomy?

Alas we are refreshed without remorse and WOW did we have a party in the RSGYC last Friday.

The group photograph is a who’s who… the caption might read….”Would you buy a used car from any of these men?”  I suppose Canto said it all when he remarked that “Although the shapes have changed, the personalities have not!”

Those present were John Purcell O’Dwyer, Tom O’Connor, John O’Gorman, Conor Redden, Aubrey Leggett, Michael Cantwell, Marcus Magnier, Henry Anderson, Emmet Halley, Greg Ashe (President of Alumni) Gerry Nicholas and Billy Gabbett. Email apologies and greetings were read out from Martin Devane and Paddy McGrath – both resident in sunny California.

Many thanks to our dynamic President Greg Ashe, who travelled despite many distractions and chose our party to enjoy a few libations… and doesn’t he speak well.

The biggest round of applause was retained for POD who came from Gay Paris and he also won best dressed in the Paddock… Billy G came second!!

Fr Andrew suffered a groin strain  on the platform in Limerick Junction (in truth all the trains were filled with One Direction fans heading to Dublin so there was no room) so alas we didn’t have his company but we did drink to his health… We wish the great man well.

Br Denis, Secretary of Old Boys was hosting the Sportsday that weekend and was Hors De Combat.

From the very fine menu we indulged in the veritable feast for the soul… We accentuated the positives in life and had what was declared an outstanding lunch, with a big dollop of love and friendship. 

To those who were unable to attend, we missed you dearly and will keep you posted of our next outing.

Best wishes to all,

Henry, Tom and Marcus