Edgar Senior’s – The Office Buddha

The Office BuddhaEdgar Senior’s (1993) long-threatened novel “The Office Buddha” is now available in both print and ebook formats. It is for a very deserving mental health charity called BasicNeeds, who you can read about here: http://www.basicneeds.org/what-we-do/about-us-2/

Edgar interviewed dozens of people from many different industries to discover what they hated the most about their jobs, and this is the result: a story of dysfunctional companies, office politics and career frustrations – and how a little philosophy can make even the worst of jobs a little more bearable.

Lucy Kellaway of The Financial Times called it “Funny, sharp and scarily true” and Oliver James, the author of Affluenza and Office Politics, said “The more people who apply philosophy like The Office Buddha’s to their careers, the fewer unhappy professionals there will be.”

You can buy it in 4 different ways:

(1) To generate the most proceeds for charity, you can buy paperbacks via Lulu.com for £14.99, of which BasicNeeds receives ~50% net of production costs: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Edgar_J_Lord

(2) For anyone who is more comfortable with a website they know, starting from next week you will be able to buy paperbacks from your regionalAmazon, for the same price of £14.99, of which BasicNeeds receives ~35% net of production costs.

(3) You can buy ebooks in ePub format via Lulu.com for £9.99, of which BasicNeeds receives 85% (and which you can easily convert into MOBI files for the Kindle): http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Edgar_J_Lord

(4) I have also put ebooks in MOBI/Kindle format onto Amazon for £9.99, of which Amazon takes a 70% cut: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Office-Buddha-Edgar-Lord-ebook/dp/B00JU7WSMC/