Nicholas Smyth (1932-33: 1942-43)

Nicholas Smyth, the very first boy in the school in September 1932 (aged 8 – he was born in April 1924) died in Naples, Florida on November 29th, 2008. He spent one year in Glenstal, then went to Ampleforth, but returned to Glenstal for a year in the early forties. He studied first at U.C.D. … Read more

50th Anniversary Celebrations for the Class of 59

The Class of 1959 planting their Oak Tree It was an enjoyable task contacting the class of 59 to see what interest there might be for a 50th Anniversary dinner. The response was encouraging and many letters later the arrangements fell into place. All the living were tracked down and contacted except Barry Timmons who … Read more

Reunion of the Class of 1976

Seventeen survivors of the class of 1976 ate shoe-sole beef or tired salmon at a west Dublin hotel, in a barnlike room that Father Andrew charitably described as “airy”. But none of that mattered; some of the large class formerly known as “the Bulge” were together again to mark a third of a century since … Read more